Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Zone "Śląskie. HERE is where we relax" during ⅩⅠ Tauron Nowa Muzyka

19 — 20.08.2016 | International Conference Centre

For the fourth time we had the pleasure to invite the festival goers to our relax zone. 

Located inside the building of the International Conference Centre (right next to the Main Stage) zone Śląskie. HERE is where we relax alluded to the latest promotional campaign of the Silesian Voivodeship. We wanted to show the participants of Tauron Nowa Muzyka a green and creative visage of Silesia, which they might wrongly perceive — as visitors coming to Katowice just for few festival days —  as a dirty, polluted place full of coal mines and steel mills. We wanted the festival participants to realize that Silesia is not only spoil tips and familok houses, but most of all creative people. That is why all atractions of the zone and its arrangement were brought by individuals and firms from here. 


Crazy and extremly creative florist Mrs Kwiatkowska led, very popular and widely attended, workshops of weaving wreaths. She also prepared a floral instalation „HERE”, to which every festival goer could contribute. Additionally, in the zone you could design and make your own tshirt and linen backpack with a Silesian overprint. 


We also prepared for the festival participants a quiet place, where they had an opportunity to watch amazing movies. In a specially arranged cinema you could see short pieces by students of legendary Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia: Katarzyna Warzecha and Damian Kocur. We also showed the best movies from 48 Hour Film Project Poland. 


In a book-reading spot, amateurs of word could rest with a book and get acquainted with the most interesting artistic publications (like Jake and Dinos Chapman or Santiago Sierra) as well as poetry books by guests of Ars Cameralis Festival (just to mention Amiri Baraka or  Tomaž Šalamun).  Publications not only made festival participants turn heads, but also allowed them to forget about festival tumult just for a while. 


Athirst of flavor adventures could taste something delicious at a stand of Petit — a bakery famous for its handmade pastries. It was healthy, gluten free, sweet and salty, served hot and cold. It is well known, that pastries go along perfectly with good coffee, which was served by Kafar.  Theme of this coffee shop is searching and discovering new flavors of coffee, which baristas prepared for the participants of the festivals in many ways. 

The zone was arranged by:


A design and architecture firm, established in 2010 by Bogna Polańska and Roma Skuza, and located in Katowice. They are engaged not only in designing homes and buildings or interior design, but they also create unique jewelry out of coal. Studio bro.Kat has been honored with many awards and distinctions. The studio arranged our zone.

Katarzyna Lamik

A graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, derived from Bytom. Her thesis was quite an extraordinary and extravagant project — hidden behind a wall, she was dictating her paintings to some amateurs, who had never painted before. Because Lamik believes anybody can paint Mona Lisa. Her approach towards art also reflects the fact she runs a gallery at her home. In our zone she created an installation "HERE" at the entrance of the building.