Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Ars Cameralis at 4 Design Days

16 — 19.02.2017 | The International Conference Centre

4 Design Days — a celebration of the real estate market, architecture and interior design starts on next Thursday, 16 February. For four days designers, producers, firms and developers will discuss inspirations and trends in world design. Come and see our publications at the lower hall of the International Conference Centre in Katowice.

We invite you also to participate in a discussion Alchemy of a book. In relation to the premiere of three art publications Planet Topor. Abram. Roland. NicolasLemures. Marek Kuś and Scuff Mark on an Eyelid, accompanying exhibitions during ⅩⅩⅤ Ars Cameralis Festival, we would like to reflect on the history and essence of a book.  Participants of the discussion, graphic designers Tomasz Bierkowski and Marian Oslislo, and director of Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis Marek Zieliński will look into the history and trends of designing books, as well as try to answer the question about the necessity of artistic books in modern world. Discussion led by Natalia Pietruszewska will be held on Saturday, 18 February.  

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