Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Ben Weaver joins the Ars Cameralis Festival 2016

19 November, 2016 | Silesian Voivodeship

Ben Weaver  is a versatile artist. A poet, folk musician, environmental steward and cycling troubadour. The last term fully captures Weaver’s approach to his mission. In 2010, after 13 years on tour, the artist decided to give up tours which included traveling by car. Since then he plays only in places where he can get by a bike. Although, he will arrive to Katowice by a plane, in the city he will ride a bike :)

Ben Weaver debiuted in 1999 with an album „El Camino Blues”, which was noted by amatours of alternative folk (but also blues and country!). His latest album „I Would Rather Be A Buffalo” was released by the Hymie’s Records two years ago. This recorded in a barn album undertakes the artist’s favourite themes, describing a simple life of a truly free spirit, who tries to live in peace with the nature, animals, calmness, dirt and quiescence of an open road ahead.   

Weaver is also a valued poet, an author of four books of poetry. The artist will participate in the Ars Cameralis Festival 2016 as a musician and a poet.

After Julia Holter and Richmond Fontaine, Ben Weaver is another artist to join this year’s edition of the festival. Tickets for these concerts during Ars Cameralis Festival 2016 will be available at the end of June. 

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