Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Photo by Radosław Kaźmierczak
Photo by Radosław Kaźmierczak

Cycle „Kameralnie” for the fourth time!

7 November/ 10 November/ 14 November | Cieszyn/ Bielsko-Biała/ Czeladź

The most mysterious of festival mixtures we’ve prepared for this year’s autumn evenings. The cycle „Kameralnie” is not only a surprise for fans, but also an attempt to break with concert habits, with a situation where everything is clear, and we hold the ticket for the event in hands for weeks. The atmosphere that is produced during concerts of the cycle is absolutely impossible to imitate. Intimate, created in unsual place for small group, with the artist at the audience’s fingertips. Details on Facebook.

7 November (Tuesday)  Cieszyn

Instrumental quartet playing post-rock. They combine emotions, space and imagination in their sound, everything connected in guitar compositions. Group has been performing together for 3 years. They recorded their first demo last year. They originate from Chorzow. 

10 November (Friday)  Bielsko-Biała

A musical project of Silesian vocalist, composer, producer and songwriter, who also supports important social projects. Her music spreads in wide variety of styles, from trip-hop to jazz madness. Maybe this would be a tip for you — she is a fan of good tea and English humor.

14 November (Tuesday)  Czeladź

Three girls admitting to be inspired by romantic poetry and Polish punk rock. They come from Chorzów and perform in Silesian music clubs. They often refer to traditions of psychedelic rock and new wave in their compositions. They have won prizes at competitions and festivals in Gliwice and Chorzów.

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