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Photo by Steve Gullick
Photo by Steve Gullick

Daniel Blumberg to perform in November!

18 November 2018 | Silesian Voivodeship

Extraordinary artist will perform on 18 November. Although Daniel Bumberg is only 28 years old, his musical experiences would be enough for an entire career. His debut solo album Minus was released this year. On the record you may hear musicians from the legendary London cradle of free jazz and improvisation, Cafe Oto — Billy Steiger (violin), Tom Wheatley (double bass), Seymour Wright (saxophone), Ross Lambert (guitar) i Ute Kanngiesser (cello). Blumberg plays the piano and soothes improvisational instrumentalists with his precise, gentle and melancholy voice.

You might find some inspirations of the Anglo-Saxon songwriting tradition in Blumberg’s lyrics and vocals — a bit of Neil Young here and there, a bit of Nick Cave elsewhere. The debut album is very emotional, as a singer-songwriter Blumberg created it after a rough break-up and death of a friend. The effect is staggeringly mature, and as assures Bartek Chaciński, the only minus of Blumberg is the one in the title of his album.

↓ Daniel Blumberg  — Minus

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