Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Scratch on the Eyelid, photo Radosław Kaźmierczak
Scratch on the Eyelid, photo Radosław Kaźmierczak

Exhibitions during ⅩⅩⅤ Ars Cameralis Festival

| Grey Gallery / BWA Contemporary Art Gallery / Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery / Schoens Palace Museum in Sosnowiec

Planet Topor. Abram. Roland. Nicolas.  

27.10. → 27.12.2016 Schoens Palace Museum in Sosnowiec, curators: Alexandre Devaux and Marek Zieliński

First exhibition which gives opportunity to see works of Roland Topor, as well as works of his father Abram and son Nicolas. Roland Topor was perceived as a creator of black humor, ironically using traditional codes of art. Under a layer of grotesque he was critical about the politics, decency or bourgeois values. It was contradictory, because he also cultivated family connexions. He considered his father Abram — a painter and sculpturer, whose landscapes filled their apartament — to be the greatest artist. With equal deference he treated his son Nicolasa. The exhibition is prepared in collaboration with Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Georges and Y.C. Aligator Film. Subsidized by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Scuff Mark on an Eyelid

04.11.2016 r. → 15.01.2017 BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, curator: Marek Zieliński

The exhibition is intended to refer to the wave of violence which appears not only from the terrorists, but also against all immigrant environments; to be an artistic commentary on relation with the Other, in the context of xenophobia and aggression, an attempt of answering the question about the cause of acts of terrorism. / Marek Zieliński

Artists participating in the exhibition: Jean-Michel Alberola [FR], François Boisrond [FR], Edmund Clark & Crofton Black [UK], Damien Deroubaix [FR], Sławomir Elsner, Joanna Helander & Bo Persson [SE], Marek Kuś, Zbigniew Libera, Jean-Christophe Menu [FR], Tony Oursler [USA], Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Subsidized by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Hawaikum. Dreams which arised in heads of inconspicuous people

05.11. → 25.11.2016 Grey Gallery in Katowice, curators: Ewa Surowiec and Tobiasz Melanowski

For years, authors of this photographic essay — Agata Pankiewicz and Marcin Przybyłko — have been photographing various objects, often exotic, unfitting the landscapes, borrowed… As Pankiewicz recollects, they were fascinated by „uninhibited invention of the authors, their unrestrained desire to make the landscape more atractive and atrract the attention of the surroundings”. However the photographs are far from criticizing their subject. The authors do not use irony, they do not point out and say: „this is wrong, it shouldn’t take place”. They observe the objects with anthropological curiosity, but also with humor and — the most important — with enormous tenderness.

Lemures. Marek Kuś

25.11.2016 r. → 15.01.2017 Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery in Katowice, curator: Marek Zieliński

Exhibition sums up thirty years of creative work of Marek Kuś. Theme of the exposition will be the rites known in ancient Rome. In Roman mythology lémures were miserable souls of the dead. According to Ovid, Lemuralia (Lemuria) — the festivity of lemures — took place at the begining of the year and were accompanied by a night rite led by the head of the family. Noise and sacrifice made out of black beans were supposed to chase away some of the lémures, as well as placate and set favorably the others. Project under the patronage of the City of Katowice. 

Admission to all exhibitions is free.

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