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Photo by David Belisle
Photo by David Belisle

Laura Veirs to perform at Ars Cameralis Festival 2017

18 November 2017 | MUZA

Different paths lead to singing. Laura Veirs made her first serious attempt during an expedition to China: at that time she was a translator and a fresh geology graduate, and that's where she began to write her lyrics. Since her phonographic debut in 1999 and album simply titled Laura Veirs, she has remained loyal to voice and guitar. Although the severity of the debut, with time began to give way to more complex solutions, enriched with new sounds, as well as artists supporting Laura Veirs during recording sessions. The best example is Troubled by the Fire from 2003, where she was accompanied by the legendary guitarist Bill Frisell.

Soon after, she joined the prestigious Nonesuch label and recorded few albums, including Year of Meteors (2005). She was associated with Nonesuch until 2007, when Saltbreakers was released, and the artist from Colorado Springs started to be compared to Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and BjörkShe recorded 11 albums and in each of them the folk singer with rock sensitivity tries to spread accents differently; she reaches boldly for the folk characteristic of the hippies, does not avoid country, and even a bit rough sounds. In 2010, she released July Flame, where she faces motherhood, but also darker sides of reality, like violence. Album Warp and Weft (2013) produced by Tucker Martine (musician known from the band The Decemberists, and privately the artist's husband) was a big success. Several months ago, together with two outstanding singers, k.d. lang and Neko Case she released an album titled simply case / lang / veirs, which quickly gained international recognition.

Laura Veirs — July Flame

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