Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Photo by Lisa Bregneager
Photo by Lisa Bregneager

Michelle Gurevich — the first artist of Ars Cameralis Festival 2017

24 November, 2017 at 7 PM | Movie Theater RIALTO

Her music has drawn comparisons to Leonard Cohen and Nico. The artist herself mentions Charles Aznavoura, Yoko Ono and Alla Pugacheva among her inspirations. The music created by Michelle Gurevich is influenced by very different realities. She was born in Toronto in a family of Russian immigrants. Her first language became Russian. Thus, the source of the world created by her beats near the dark secrets of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and poems by Marina TsvetaevaMusic didn’t  become her passion right away. Before she transformed her bedroom into a … recording studio, for a decade she was associated with the film industry. Once, however, she decided to write a song and — as she stated in the interviews — it soon turned out to be not only a cheaper, but also a more effective way to share emotions with the audience.

We will never know, how the loss of her affected the film industry. What we know, is how much the music world gained. So far, the artist released four albums: Party Girl (2007), Show me the face (2010), Let’s part in style (2014) and New Decadence (2016). Complex relations, attempt to answer fundamental questions, reaching the deepest, secret areas of human soul, available only for the best songwriters and mesmerizing deep voice — it’s a characteristic world created by Michelle Gurevich. On the stage, where she not only sings, but also plays acoustic and bass guitar, and piano, she creates a universe which iluminates the neurastenic experiences of gloomy everyday life. Tickets available on: Biletomat, Ticketpro and Ticketportal.

Michelle Gurevich  First Six Months of Love

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