Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Photo by Radosław Kaźmierczak
Photo by Radosław Kaźmierczak

Program of ⅩⅩⅤ Ars Cameralis Festival

4 — 26.11.2016 | Silesian Voivodeship

„Shut your eyes and see.” / Jamesa Joyce Ulisses

Literature, music, visual arts, movie, workshops and meetings. On November 4th, a jubilee ⅩⅩⅤ edition of Ars Cameralis Festival begins. Within three weeks recipients can participate in 38 events in 7 cities of the Silesian Voivodeship and meet with 73 artists. 

Before the Festival begins, on 26 October at 7 PM in Królestwo Club in Katowice will be held Cafe Panika, a meeting focusing on Roland Topor. Guests of the discussion led by Agnieszka Taborska include artist’s sister — Hélène d’Almeida-Topor  and his son, Nicolas Topor. A vernissage of an exhibition Planet Topor. Abram. Roland. Nicolas will be held in Schoen’s Palace — Museum in Sosnowiec one day later on 27 October at 6 PM. It’s one of four exhibitions during ⅩⅩⅤ Ars Cameralis Festival.

On 4 November at 6 PM at BWA Contemporary Art Gallery a vernissage of an exhibition Scuff Mark on an Eyelid, referring to the problem of migration and terrorism in modern Europe, will take place. Artists participating in the exhibition include Jean-Michel Alberola, Edmund Clark, Jean-Christophe Menu, Krzysztof Wodiczko and Zbigniew Libera, among others.  

Also on November 4, a legendary alternative country band Richmond Fontaine will perform for the first time in Poland and for the last time in Europe. Members of the group from Portland made a decision to go seperate ways after the end of this tour. Undoubtedly, the biggest star of this year’s edition will be Julia Holter. Talented multi-instrumentalist and composer will perform on 8 November in Muza in Sosnowiec. Fans of musical non-obviousness will have a chance to participate in a concert of Norwegian musician Sturle Dagsland, who draws inspiration from dark traditions of Scandinavian folk and creates music, which was described by one of critics as sounds from a club for aliens. Robert Henke and his visual show Lumière IIconnecting sound and light, will close the Festival on 26 November in Rozrywka Theatre in Chorzów. 

It is a tradition that Festival is accompanied by The literary clashes / Zderzenia Literackie. There will be an opportunity to meet in November with Eleanor Catton a winner of the Booker Award from New Zealand, the master of nuanced psychological novels Michel Faber or an American poet Anna-Lynne Williams, who is also performing as a singer Lotte Kestner. On November 13, a unique and provocative artist from Denmark — Madame Nielsen, will invite guest to her Salon. Madame will also perform during a meeting with prose writers in Movie Theatre Rialto. 

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