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INDUSTRIADA 2016 at the Long Night of Museums in Krakow

13/14 May, 2016 | Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow

At night on 13/14 May, during the Long Night of Museums in Krakow, we promoted the Industrial Monuments Route and INDUSTRIADA 2016. Together with the workshop bro.Kat, we’ve prepared two presentations in Museum of Municipal Engineering and Polish Aviation Museum

This year, the program of INDUSTRIADA is propelled by industrial legends — stories connected with the history of industrialization of the region. Among them we can easily find both myths full of fairy creatures, as well as stories connected with real people and phenomenons, and daily life of the workers. 

The theme of the presentation in Museum of Municipal Engineering were canaries and legends connected with them. In the old days, these friendly birds were fullfilling a key role in many mines — they warned the miners about the methane. This way, they became involuntary heroes. Their place in mining mythology is irrefutable, many Silesian artists dedicate their works to the canaries.

Meanwhile, in the Polish Aviation Museum the visitors could listen to live music, relax in the chillout zone and read about activities of locations from the Industrial Monuments Route. Many people were interested and attracted by the info stand, the workshop of an invisible chair Vitra and the periscope of Guido Coal Mine, where visitors could explore the secrets of the mining shift at level 355

Photos by Monika Stolarska

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