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Derek Ridgers
Derek Ridgers

Punk London 1977 — exhibition by Derek Ridgers

21 November 2018, 6 PM | Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery, Katowice

1977 in Britain was an extremely important year, which brought major changes on the London music scene. At the begining of the year Sid Vicious replaced Glenn Matlock as the lead singer of Sex Pistols, in April a debut album of the Clash was released, in May Sex Pistols released their most famous song God Save The Queen and performed on the Thames, and in September X-Ray Spex debuted with their singiel Oh Bondage Up Yours. 

Debbie Harry, Pauline Murray, Adam Ant, Toyah Wilcox, Siouxsie Sioux, Ari Up, as well as various regulars of the legendary London clubs — The Roxy and Vortex.  Derek Ridgers’ photographs captured not only the rebelious and edgy side of the youth, but also their joy and energy. Ridgers, who was working for an advertising agency then, was in the right place at the right time, just as the punk movement was brought to life. He witnessed the history being made.   

Punk London 1977 is a testimony of true emotions, nihilistic fun and ’no future’ mantra. The exhibition is another look at the punk heritage, one of the main festival cycles. The opening night will take place on November 21 at 6 PM at the Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery in Katowice. The curator of the exhibition is Tobiasz Melanowski, in cooperation with Adrian Chorębała. The exhibition will last until 15 January 2019, admission is free. 

Derek Ridgers  one of the most famous photographers of British street culture. Although, he photographed acclaimed actors, musicians, politicans and sportsmen, he is mainly recognizable for documenting subcultures. His most famous photographs have been made in the 70. and 80. while he captured punks, skinheads, New Romantic, goths, ravers and everything left behind in the post-punk world. He created a subjective cataloge portraying the resistance attitudes in Margaret Thatcher’s Great Britain, as well as vivid and interesting image of the Londoners. He also collaborated with famous British magazines such as ’Time Out’, ’NME’, ’The Sunday Telegraph’, ’The Guardian’, ’The Independent’ and ’The Observer. Ridgers’ best known books of photography include Skinheads: 1979—1984, Punk London 1977 and 78—87 London Youth. 

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