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The project "More Light!"

18 — 26 November, 2016 | Fabryka Porcelany / Academy of Fine Arts / Rozrywka Theatre

In every century light had a different meaning and symbols, and as a medium of expression it was used with different intensity and purpose. Light still inspires and intrigues artists. Events included in the project More Light!:

→ 18 November at 6 PM — opening of installation by Dominka Błaszczyk Peleng with audiovisual project 4×4 by Jan Dybała Jr and set by DJ MÄI / Fabryka Porcelany, Katowice

In the place of work Dominka Błaszczyk will build with ultraviolet light constructions inspired by children’s paintings of homes. Music by dj Mäi will make the connection with the installation more theatric, which will allow the participants to create their own intimate narration. The author wants to enquire the relation between place you live in and work. Function of a living-space changed with the character of work, which time and spatial borders have blurred. Traveling for work purpose and working at home significantly influenced relations in public and private space. Special thanks: Karolina Błaszczyk-Oszkiel, Sebastian Brunner, Tomek Oszkiel, Mai Brunner, Robert Mönnich, Florian Brunner

After the vernissage DJ Mäi (Mai Brunner) will present her live act. Older brother of the producer, originally from Osaka, interested her in techno music when she was 14. She is inspired by the classics from Detroit and Chicago. At the begining of the ⅩⅩⅠ century she became very popular on the Japanese underground stage. Currently she lives in Berlin. 

Another audiovisual project coupled with DJ Mäi will be an installation 4x4 by Jan Dybała. A spatial light clock retuned to sixteen-hour mode which applies do the functional elements in arragements of the electronic dance music.

Installation Peleng will be available till November 25, 4—6 PM, free admission.

→ 24 November / 10.00 AM — 4.00 PM / workshops Light mapping / free admission, confirm the participation at / Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice

Workshops will be led by Jan Dybała Jr — dj, vj and designer from Katowice, a multimedia creator. Participants of the workshops will learn an alternative way to control the lighting from the graphics application or VJ. They will learn basic knowledge about DMX and basic types of stage devices. Admission to the workshops is free. If you want to sign up, confirm your participation at  

→ 25 November at 1 PM — conference Meaning of Light / Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice / free admission

Project More Light! whose motto became famous last words of poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is an attempt of presentation the phenomenon of light in artistic actions and modern art, based on the works by Silesian and German artists. We want to analize this issue, that’s way the central event of this project will be a conference which will be attended by: Dominika Błaszczyk PL / DE, Robert Henke DE, Jan Dybała and Sławomir Brzoska Four occurances and a discussion about the meaning of light in practice at various art fields will be moderated by Piotr Zawojski

→ 26 November at 8 PM —  Robert Henke’s live show / Rozrywka Theatre in Chorzów / tickets available on TicketportalTicketpro and Going

Lumière II  is an amazing artistic experience, an audio visual show, connecting sound with phenomenal visuals based on a laser show. The name of the show relates to two significations. First one, as the author himself claims, is a reference to the beginnings of the cinema and Lumière brothers. Second one is the meaning of the word, which in French simply means „light”. The show Lumière II  consist of powerful lasers flashing with light,  creating shapes and symbols, while at the same time a seperate audio-engine generates rhythmical, expanded structures, which compound of spectral sounds and basses.

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