Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Photo by Anastazja Hadyna
Photo by Anastazja Hadyna

Workshops during ⅩⅩⅥ Ars Cameralis Festival

9 November, 13 November, 20 November | Silesia Voivodeship

We invite you to take part in our workshops and meetings during ⅩⅩⅥ Ars Cameralis Festival. Below, you may find some useful details of what we’ve prepared for you this year:

9.11. at noon → Miejski Dom Kultury Batory, Chorzów

Praise od books /Literary Clashes /Zderzenia literackie/   literary workshops for kids aged 8—9 led by SYLWIA GRUDNIAK. During the workshops kids will have the chance to get a closer look at two picture books created by Iwona Chmielewska Trouble / Kłopot and Four ordinary bowls / Cztery zwykłe miski. Picture books are not very popular in Poland, although it’s a kind of book that teaches to look carefully at the world around you and focuses on important topics. During workshops kids will try to find answers to relevant questions like: is it worth to share, is it possible to share, what it means too much or too little, what are troubles really like and how to deal with them? Admission to the workshops is free. 

13.11. at 2 PM → Park Śląski, Chorzów 

About history without hysteria — books that restore the memory of the past /Literary Clashes /Zderzenia Literackie/ — meeting for elders led by SZYMON KLOSKA. Reportages, biographies and novels have always focused on the past, and recently they began to do it obsessively. During the meeting, we will look at recently published titles which made history the main topic and we will discuss their different approaches to history. Drenda, Bikont, Kicińska, Kroch, Orliński, Rosiak, Sendecki, Sowa, Twardoch, Witkowski are among writers whose work will be part of our meeting. Admission is free. 

20.11. at 10 AM → Miejski Dom Kultury Szopienice-Giszowiec, Katowice

Club of Creative Writing led by MARTA FOX /Literary Clashes /Zderzenia Literackie/  literary workshops for teenagers.  The participants will be looking for answers to many questions valid in the creation process. Why do I want to write? What motivates me? Is it worth to write? How to write a good poem? — these are just few of them. During the workshop participants will also find out why it is crucial to be honest and authentic and always speak your own voice. Admission to the workshosp is free.

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