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I love benches

„…a bench is not only one of the simplest but at the same time one of the friendliest forms ever made by man.” P. Rypson

Oslislo’s bench dictionary consists of two main parts — empty benches on one and the people relaxing in them on the other hand. These are, at the same time, the foundation of the benchist entity. Unpopulated benches in the pictures either constitute a central point of reference for the environment or they blend with it as if growing out of a larger, organic arragement.

An empty bench is an invitation. We choose it in order to stop within the limits of our own intimacy, to rest, read or observe the vicinity. We do not usually ponder long an empty spot in our rush to take it and in delightful privacy mark the state of our temporary territory.

/ Piotr Rypson

About the artists:

Marian Oslislo — printmaker, graphic artist, designer,academic teacher, professor at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where he heads the Multimedia Actions Studio. 

SOKKA — design studio based in Gliwice run by siblings Katarzyna and Wojciech Sokołowscy Their designs and works combine functionality and high aesthetic standards with the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies. They are also the designers of Lightbench, shown in the exhibition. 

Details of the publication:

Developed by: Design Silesia in co-operation with Ars Cameralis

Design and layout: Justyna Kucharczyk

Photographs: Marian Oslislo

Texts: Piotr Rypson

Translation: Michał Szczurowski, Anna Harasimowicz

Prepress: Dariusz Pilszczek

Publisher: Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Year and place of publishing: Katowice 2011

Bilingual edition: Polish and English 


A catalogue for the exhibition „Marian & Oslislo, SOKKA 50°25´84˝N/19°02´64”, which took place in ’Czas’ Gallery in Katowice, May 13—24  2011.  

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I love benches

  • Author: Marian Oslislo, Piotr Rypson
  • Page number : 130
  • Sizes: 22x20cm
  • Category: Catalogue
  • ISBN: 978–83–928793–8-1
  • Price: 40 PLN

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