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Korfanty. A historical comic book

„Not respecting merits of this man, the history of Silesia was not respected”. Stanisław Cat-Mackiewicz

Upper Silesia at the edge of ⅩⅨ and ⅩⅩ century. It was then, in 1903, when Wojciech Korfanty began his political activity. A handsome man in a bowler hat, with a mustache and slightly wavy hair, wearing an immaculately tailored tail-coat — an image from old photographs.  It is hard do believe, that back then this calmly looking man could lift up the crowd and later became a symbol of Upper Silesian inhabitants. 

Between 1918—1920 on these lands erupted three Silesian Uprisings. (…) At the insurgent photographs you may see young, armed rebels in cowboy hats just like in the wild west. A sort like Texas, cause on the background you can see mineshafts and smoky chimneys. The rebels are accompanied by shellproof trains and cars, made by themselves. The hoods of the cars were covered with „Korfanty” graffiti. Discovering your own symbolism, identifying with a local hero was vital back then. That explains the word „Korfanty”.

We are more than pleased, that we were able to present, in a form of a comic book, a piece of an Upper Silesian history, as well as the life of Wojciech Korfanty. An exceptional man, who embodies so much: experiences of an ordinary boy, a hero of historical events, a politician with actual achievements, a half-mythical figure, and finally a person experiencing a personal drama at last years of life.

/ Sławomir Zajączkowski

Details of the publication:

Historical consultations and editorial collaboration: Ryszard Mozgol, Tomasz Buja

Llinguistics consultation: Jolanta Tambor

Reviewers: Grzegorz Bębnik, Piotr Greiner

Proofread and edited by: Piotr Zaczkowski

Technical editing: Katarzyna Bochenek

Typesetting: Krzysztof Wyrzykowski

Publisher: Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Year and place of publishing: Katowice 2010

Language: Polish


Photographs used in this publication originate from the National Digital Archives in Warsaw.

In a collaboration with The Institute of National Remembrance / Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation / Branch in Katowice.

The publication was released to celebrate The Year of Korfanty (2009 r.)

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Korfanty. A historical comic book

  • Author: Krzysztof Wyrzykowski, Sławomir Zajączkowski
  • Page number : 52
  • Sizes: 29,5x21cm
  • Category: Comic book
  • ISBN: 978–83–928793–0-5

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