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Power Joy Happiness Fame!

A very accurate title. The album invigorates and gives joy and happiness.

To me this album is very classic. From the beginning, the thought of simplicity was our guide. I was wondering what songs used to be and what they might  become in the future. How albums used to be created, what was the message of covers. Without any redundant calculation or being sapient, I wanted to find something universal, comprehensible and clear. Something to listen to and dance to. 

/ Wojtek Kucharczyk

A very accurate title. The album invigorates and gives joy and happiness. I hope it will also bring fame to the musicians. Polish music stage can’t complain about the lack of bands with a sense of humour (Dick4Dick, Mitch&Mitch or Psychocukier), but the way TC&TCS invented themselves is so natural and convincing, that it is impossible not to like them. The music they create is an impulse to dance, it allows a moment of reflection and cheers you up in a rainy day. I’ve tried it, it works! 

Gosia Lewandowska,

About the band:

At the beginnig it was just The Complainer.  After success of the album „…& The Complainers” a one-man project expanded to a big, regular band. Members of the band include: Wojtek Kucharczyk, Asia Bronisławska, Paweł Trzciński, Marcin Zarzeka, Jakub Adamec. 

They have performed at many festivals: Eurocultured in Manchester, Nowa Muzyka in Cieszyn, OFF Festival in Mysłowice, New! New! in Brno, Pulse in London or Ars Cameralis Festival in Katowice. After the concert version of the album "Power Joy Happiness Fame!" was released, a string quartet joined the band. 


2008 → Power Joy Happines Fame!

2009 → The Dark Side of the F****** Moon

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Power Joy Happiness Fame!

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