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A Lonely Stroller / Samotny Spacerowicz

Publication was published in 400 copies, which included 30 numbered copies signed by authors, and 20 author's copies.

A phenomenal book by Chinese poet and photographer, which includes poems and striking photos made by the artist during his stay at Ars Cameralis Festival. 

Chinese precision of language, filed form and raw photos co-create an unobvious landscape, which seduces with mistery and sense of an end — perceptible and founded in between text, image and human who happened to came across, just by a coincidence. 

About the author:

Zhu Hao — born in 1969, Chinese poet connected with Shanghai. He graduated drama and literature at the Shanghai Theatre Academy (1991). His first book — a collection of haiku — was published in 1989 in California, USA. He has been exhibiting his photographs since 2002. So far, he had seven individual exhibitions in China and Korea, he also participated in few joint exhibitions in China and USA. 

In 2005, the artist was invited by Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis to visit Silesia with his photo-exhibition Silent Shanghai (BWA Gallery in Bielsko-Biała). 

Details of the publication:

Translation: Jarek Zawadzki

Edited by: Bartłomiej Majzel

Cover, graphic design, typography: Marlena Pardel

Photographs: Zhu Hao

Copyright: Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris, Zhu Hao

Publisher: Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Year and place of publishing: Katowice 2009

Bilingual edition: Polish and Chinese


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A Lonely Stroller / Samotny Spacerowicz

  • Author: Zhu Hao
  • Page number : 70
  • Sizes: 20,5x20,5cm
  • Category: Poetry
  • Price: 40 PLN

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