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Members of Mołr Drammaz give voice to the children, almost without interfering their actions. We encounter stories without the punch line, not very sophisticated texts and compositions. Instead, we associate with childlike naturalness. These actions are often awkward, but there is also so much free imagination, creativity and lightness. And how often these actions are funny — overflowing with unrestrained passion of creating.

Mołr Drammaz presents:!.

in those days:

I really like teaching children. and this are my pupils. some of them play the guitar, some the piano, while others keyboards or sing! some of them are playing for three years, others for three months.

one day in class I said: compose your own track. I will observe and help. that’s exactly what they did and now you — listen. I’m proud of them.


A few years passed. The more I think about the "tojetake" album, the more I realise, we didn’t subject to any style back then, even now the album don't fall within any known and specified frames. It is a record of pure imagination and open-minded heads. And that’s how it remains. Regardless of passing time.

The children are telling "real fairy-tales”. And those are timeless, although some of the children have grown up. It’s not about the moral, it’s about experiencing and honesty. They sing, play, confide, ascertain, shout and whisper.
Lean over and listen.

/ Asi Mina / Asia Bronisławska

About the band:

The band Mołr Drammaz was founded by Wojtek Kucharczyk (The Complainer, retro*sex*galaxy, Kucharczyk) and Asia Bronisławska (Asi Mina) around 1994. Beside the siblings,members of the band include: Macio Moretti or Jacek Tokarski, among others. 

The group have been noticed since the very begining, mostly because of their amazing energy and originality. Combination of the drums with electronics and vocal was in that time something really rare. They became recognizable abroad in short notice (reviews of their records were published by The Wire). 


1999   →   tehha tehha ert 2.0

1999   →   NEUTROP

1999   →   skórzana maska

2000   →   presents:!.

2000   →   grai’n’test.hits

2000   →   Norma’s food / jedzenie Normy

2001   →   „tu!” {silesian familijo plądrofono}

2001   →   l.i.v.e.v.i.l (Mołr Drammaz & neurobot)

2001   →   boazeria

2004   →   very vs very

2006   →   „tu!” (remider)

2006   →   BOAZERIA (reissue)

2006   →!. (retake)

2010   →   Amateurs, Professionals and No Refrains (Mołr Drammaz & DEUCE & Laszlo Band)

2012   →   Semperflorens

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